Third Generation - Project area B // Cellular cross-talk and molecular mechanisms controlling infections with intracellular pathogens

Project B2 will continue to assess the role of C5a-mediated crosstalk between DCs and NK cells to control T. gondii infection. Project B3 will focus on the immunomodulatory role of cell-derived particles in sepsis and Leishmania infection. Project B6 will define the impact of the Interleukin-27 receptor on regulatory T cells in tuberculosis and during aging. Project B7 will delineate the immune modulatory function of M. tuberculosis infected neutrophils. The role of HIF-1α as a modulator of pathogen environment in fungal infections will be examined in project B8. In project B9 the impact of complement and platelets on systemic immune responses, survival and immunopathology following sepsis and burn injury will be investigated. Project B10 will asses the role of the complosome in T cell memory.