Third Generation - Project area A Environmental changes as culprits of maladaptive immune deviation in allergy

Project A1 will assess the role C5aR1 in the regulation of innate lymphoid cell activity during asthma. Project A2 will focus on perinatal dysbiosis and the development of severe allergic asthma. Project A3 will delineate the mechanisms underlying the regulation of IgE production in food allergy to egg white in order to develop novel preventive measures. Project A5 will define the role of the small GTPases Cdc42 and Rap1b in neutrophil transmigration, adhesion and proteolytic tissue damage in chronic obstructive lung disease. Project A6 will dissect the crosstalk between mitochondria, microbiota and intestine. Project A7 will investigate the control of pulmonary tolerance by the autocrine C5a/C5aR1 axis activation in conventional pulmonary dendritic cells. The MD/PhD project will focus on the protective role of obesity in allergic asthma.