Research Projects - Third Generation (2019-2022)

The joint research program comprises two different research areas that focus on different aspects of inflammation in the context of allergic and infectious diseases; Research Area A "Environmental changes as culprits of maladaptive immune deviation in allergy" and Research Area B "Cellular cross-talk and molecular mechanisms controlling infections with intracellular pathogens". The aim of the seven projects (6 PhD, 1 MD/PhD) summarized in Research Area A is a better understanding of the immune mechanisms controlling the development of experimental allergic asthma and food allergy. The main goal of the eight projects (7 PhD/1 MD/PhD) that form Research Area B is to broaden our understanding of the immune mechanisms and conditions underlying pathogen sensing, activation and modulation of innate immune cells, its impact on the development of pathogen- specific adaptive immunity and, eventually, the successful elimination or control of the infection.

Please click here for more information the projects of Research Area A and Research Area B.